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Yvonne Orji bursting a heartwarming smile


Yvonne Orji from “Insecure” advises you to wait for the one

“You cannot date until you get married,” that’s what Yvonne’s strict Nigerian parents told her while she was highly determined to get married and intimate at 18.

Yvonne Orji is now a 33 year old virgin and suddenly her parents eagerly want her to meet someone.

The Insecure actress peeped to one of my favorite YouTube channel TEDx and explained her early eagerness to have sex and how that changed eventually.

She also revealed her back then expectations for the first sexual experience of which involved some candle light and music in the room, apparently she is yet to have but also no longer cares.

Sharing a lot based on her experience, she says people need to be brave enough to;

  1. Wait on the person who sees you for you and loves you regardless.
  2. The one who sees value in what you value.
  3. Wait on purpose and not in fear.
  4. Wait in the one who meets your standard.


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